My New Year Resolutions

My resolutions have always been “go to the gym more” or “no soda”, but I feel like with those resolutions I am always setting myself up for failure (try as I might, I just can’t give up my occasional Dr. Pepper). So instead of making resolutions that only make me feel bad when I inevitably break them, I decided to make some that have the whole purpose of just making me feel better about myself!

1. Don’t check social media as much, maybe only once a day to check notifications. I always seem to spend too much time on Facebook and suffer from FOMO way too frequently.

2. Try to stay off my phone and live in the moment more, especially around friends and family.

3. Compliment myself more and stop comparing myself to others. I’m really good at complimenting others, so why shouldn’t I give myself a few! A little extra self-loving couldn’t hurt this year.

4. Don’t worry so much about things I can’t control (this one will be hard!)

5. Actually make plans with my friends. I love to be myself and I love to do absolutely nothing except lay in my bed and watch Netflix, but I need to actively try to spend more time with friends.

6. And finally, wear more lipstick! I feel like I can rule the world when I’m sporting a fire engine red pout.

What are some of your new year resolutions?


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