How To Be Unprofessional: A Guide By Alix Gore

I have just recently embarked on a journey that instills a sense of fear into everyone…and that is the after college job search. I tried putting it off. I even moved to Canada for four months to try and escape it. But hey, you can’t run from your problems forever. I like to think of myself as a polite and professional person, especially when it comes to jobs and interviews. But when I think of the job searching process, two cringeworthy moments come to mind.

Moment 1:

I’ve been known to misspell my name in emails on occasion. I’ve used “Alux” and “Aliz” multiple times. Those are not my name…Alix isn’t even my real name but that’s another story for another time. But my favorite misspelling so far was signing a professional email as “Alix Hore”. I knew it was going to come at some point. Just look at the keyboard. The “G” and the “H” are strategically placed next to each other. Needless to say, I did not get that job.

Moment 2:

On one online job application recently, it gave me the option to link to my Facebook. I didn’t want to link it, but it must have decided it was going to anyways. Because when I looked at the submitted application, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy was listed under my Education. When I first created my Facebook, I thought I was being cute and clever by adding that…well I am cute and clever but that’s besides the point. After a few weeks, I actually thought this was pretty funny and maybe they did too. But I didn’t at the time, because this was a job I really wanted. But they really couldn’t prove I never went there, or that I’m not a wizard. (Because I actually am. Look at the image below. I also could have picked to be a unicorn or a troll. That company could have really benefitted from having a wizard on staff.) Needless to say, I did not get this job either.


But job searching sucks. Sending out your resume and never hearing a response sucks. But shit happens. If you’re going through the same thing as me, keep your head up because that perfect job is coming along. It probably just decided to take a little vacation or detour on the way.


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