Why I Don’t Like Cold Weather.

First of all, the amount of layers I have achieved this week is ridiculous. But the worst is after you put on your two pairs of long johns, sweatpants, and then snow pants, you realize you have to pee. Mother Nature is a bitch and does that on purpose. At no point in the process do you have to pee until the final zipper is zipped and the final button is buttoned. Also another terrible thing is when your butt itches. First of all you can’t even reach back there due to jacket overload. But even if you could reach back there, would it matter through all those layers? It’s just not worth the effort anymore.

Secondly, the wind makes my eyes water. So I just look incredibly sad all the time, not a good look.

Finally, I hate when my entire body goes numb. It makes me worry a little bit. I like to know that during my 20-minute trek through the tundra to the other side of campus, my vital parts have stayed in contact and are still somewhere on my body. I always need to do a little count when I get to class, just to make sure everyone’s accounted for. If I’m going to lose something, it might as well be my pinky though. What’s that for anyways?


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